Eminent Secular Intellectuals Urge Ban on Scientific, Vedic Supremacism

Urgent Appeal from eminent Secular Intellectuals to liberate the South Asian Revolutionary Zone from the oppression of anti-humanity, right-wing, fascist forces.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our severe concern and anguish over the persistence of native Indic philosophy and traditions in this era of secular and socialist modernity ushered by great Revolutionaries such as Marx, Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Kim Jong Il to name just a few.

We deplore the Bourgeois glorification of Mathematicians and Scientists such as Ramanujan, an imperialist Brahmin who claimed to have received ‘inspiration’ from a reactionary goddess Namagiri. Moreover the theories propounded by Ramanujan are completely inaccessible to the masses and find support only among the minuscule elite bourgeoisie of scientists.

Abstract Mathematical and Scientific notions are used by the Scientist Bourgeoisie to cheat the masses and enslave them in the manner Sanskrit and Vedic concepts have been used by the Brahminical Bourgeoisie to oppress the lower classes.

We equally deplore the continued dominance of Brahminical culture even among several secular intellectuals who maintain their pre-Revolutionary Sanskrit identities such as ‘Namboodiripad’. Is Socialist Science bereft of any depth that prevents adequate identities reflective of the Revolutionary Socialist culture from being forged?

We note with humility that the Revolution began far before present-day Socialism. Indeed, Christianity and Islam have had great Prophets and Saviors who were Revolutionaries of their time. We welcome their followers as People of the Revolution.

However, the Final Revolution cannot be about Religion becoming the Opium of the People.

We therefore believe that the existing Revolutions in the form of Christianity and Islam are important but incomplete Revolutions. Together, in solidarity with the modern and progressive ideology of Socialism, one can truly move towards attaining the Final Revolution whose execution is incumbent upon Humankind.

The path forward to combat counter-Revolutionary conspiracies is mastery over the English language which can be made accessible to all. The masses have to be liberated from the hold of obtuse and inaccessible scientific theories that are designed to keep them in a perpetual state of servility. On the other hand, a confident, articulate and prosaic response from Revolutionaries to the Scientific-Vedic Bourgeois alliance will help defeat the oppressive agenda of the latter. We therefore laud the modern concept of ‘Goddess English’ as a Revolutionary and Secular Goddess of the oppressed classes.

Call for Action:

We seek a complete ban on events and references that glorify or justify the legacy of Ramanujan given that such activities are tantamount to pursuing the centuries-old oppression of the have-nots by Sanskrit and Science alike. We further seek stringent prosecution of any worship or display of symbolism related to ‘Goddess Namagiri’ under laws related to spreading hatred.

In Solidarity,

Maowati Kumari Inquilabeshwari, Intellectual General (South Asian Revolutionary Range)

Inquilab Singh Inquilabi, Senior Intellectual (Secularism), Inquilabi Panth Forum

Maopreet Singh Inquilabi, Associate Intellectual (Class Conflicts), Inquilabi Panth Forum

Leninderjit Singh Inquilabi, Assistant Sub Intellectual (retd.), Inquilabi Panth Forum

Maovadi Manuvirodhi Joseph, Revolutionary Poet-Intellectual and Contributor to The New Inquilab Times

Stalinpal Gulagpuri, Apprentice Intellectual, Decapitation & Dismemberment Research Institute

Stalinkumar Leninmoorthy, Deputy Intellectual General (Solidarity), Dekshin Puratchi Kazhagam

Chinnamao Maolingappa, Intellectual Ordinaire, Dekshin Puratchi Kazhagam

Maokaruppan Daskapitalam, Special Intellectual General (Revolutionary Operations), Dekshin Puratchi Kazhagam

Maodas Macaulayputra, Freelance Intellectual, Ati Vishisht Secularisht Seva Medal