A Redprint for the Revolutionary Government of India led by Supreme Leader Arvind

Comrade Arvind,

On behalf of the Maodas Foundation, I offer you a bloody Red Salute on your victory in the Delhi elections.

In anticipation of the 2014 general elections, we mandate the following appointments with respect to the Revolutionary Government to be headed by you. We expect your full compliance with the following. Subsequent appointments shall be communicated in the future.

Central Committee Appointments and Anointments

Supreme Leader: Com. Arvind
Great Leader: Com. Yogendra
Dear Leader: Com. Prashant
Honorable Leaders: Com. Sonia, Com. Rahul, Com. Priyanka, Com. Robert
Assistant Revolutionary Operators (AROs): Com. Wagle, Com. Ashutosh, Com. Abhinandan

Portfolio Allocations (preliminary list)

Com. Prashant:
Bureau for Revolutionary Order & Stability (to be renamed from the “Ministry of Home Affairs” of the erstwhile quasi-Bourgeois dispensation)
Bureau for National Disintegration & Revolutionary Secession (new ministry to be created to fulfill the demands of People of the Revolution in the Indian Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, National Socialist Council of Nagaland, CPIML)

Com. Yogendra:
Bureau for Mass Brainwashing & Mind Control (formerly “Information & Broadcasting Ministry” )

Com. Aruna:
Bureau of Bourgeois Tax Collection (formerly “Ministry of Finance”). Com. Bidwai shall serve as Principal Advisor (Exchequer Bankruptcy and Poverty Redistribution) to Com. Aruna.

Com. Mallika:
Bureau for Promotion of Revolutionary Virtue and Suppression of Revanchist Vice (to be renamed from “Ministry of Culture” )

Com. Medha:
Bureau of Socialist Science & Research in Stone-Age Technology (renamed from “Ministry of Science and Technology” )

Com. Arundhati:
Given the somewhat complex and volatile nature of providing Com. Arundhati with a portfolio, we propose that she be appointed Permanent Revolutionary Representative to the People’s Republic of Korea in Pyongyang.

Com. Binayak:
We would like Com. Binayak to replace Com. Stalinpal Gulagpuri as head of the Decapitation and Dismemberment Research Institute, given the former’s first-hand experience with Revolutionary forces as well as his medical knowledge.

Note on the Bourgeois Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence and treaty with the People’s Republic of China

The continued existence of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy poses an unnecessary threat to the People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of Korea as well as other Revolutionary states, all of whom are our Class Allies. The so-called Indian Defence Forces are in fact instruments of Class Oppression that must be disbanded and all their Bourgeois officers prosecuted for counter-Revolutionary activities in accordance with Revolutionary law. We shall assign this task to Comrade Prashant as head of the Bureau for National Disintegration and Revolutionary Secession. Com. Binayak shall provide all necessary support as head of the Decapitation and Dismemberment Research Institute.

We acknowledge that Com. Jawaharlal was the first to take a step in this direction when he declared the Police to be sufficient for the needs of the Indian state, before succumbing to the machinations of the Bourgeoisie on this issue. The Maodas Foundation is confident that Com. Prashant will succeed in correcting Com. Jawaharlal’s historical error in allowing the Indian Armed Forces to exist.

Subsequently, the existence of the Ministry of Defence of the Government of India will no longer be warranted. The Ministry of Defence shall be disbanded and all its existing functions handed over to the People’s Republic of China.

Yours in Solidarity,

Maodas L. Macaulayputra, AVSSM, on behalf of the Maodas Foundation