A Scientific Proposal to Neutralize the Threat to the Revolution from the Fascist Social Media

This scientific Red Paper is the result of a detailed study in conformity with the principles of Socialist Science.

Socialist states such as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China have benevolent controls in place to prevent excesses in the name of “free speech” and “individual freedom”.

In pre-Revolutionary China, the ancient emperor Qin Shi Huang, successfully led a Revolution by purging society of the scourge of the destabilizing, anarchist Hundred Schools of Thought.

Although somewhat harsh, Qin Shi Huang ensured the greater good and stability of the Revolution by burying 460 scholars alive and burning books as a deterrent to any future fascist activity or anarchy on the lines of the Hundred Schools of Thought.

Indeed, the modern-day Revolutionary and Great Leader, Comrade Chairman Mao reminded us in 1958 of the necessity for decisive action to neutralize Bourgeois-channelled anarchy and fascism:

Qin Shi Huang buried only 460 scholars. We have buried 46,000 scholars.

While the Sovereign, Socialist, Secular Republic of India is not a true Revolutionary state, several Comrades and class allies in India have expressed grave concern over the threat to an ordered Socialist society emanating from an unregulated, fascist-controlled Social Media which has a similar destabilizing effect as the Hundred Schools of Thought in ancient China.

Due to the power of the polytheistic, idol-worshipping, Hindutva Fascist Bourgeoisie, it is not immediately possible to take the strong and decisive measures of the Great Leader Comrade Mao or Qin Shi Huang in the present environment. It is nonetheless necessary to address the Fascist, counter-Revolutionary threat.

Comrade Sagarika opines thus in the Outlook, a mostly Revolution-friendly publication:

Untrammelled licence makes freedom meaningless. In India, if freedom is interpreted as the majority’s right to call the Prophet or Jesus outrageous names, then our harmony will descend to anarchy and only fascism will be seen as deliverance.

Indeed, a Socialist State cannot allow the names of great Revolutionaries to be besmirched by vicious, revanchist, class enemies.

Comrade Katju, ever the Revolutionary Poet, goes one step further in laying the foundations for a concrete solution in conformity with Revolutionary Socialist Science. He opines thus as reported in the New Indian Express:

Online censorship should not stop with amendments to the Information Technology Act 2000. Checks and balances against social media are necessary to curb defamation, offensive material and threats to national security, believes Chairman of the Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju. “There should be a process of filtering content which goes online. So far, we have not been able to bring social media under any regulation as most of the founding companies are based outside India. With time, there is a need to develop technology to check what goes online,” observed Katju […]

The danger from a rampant Social Media supplanting traditional Revolution-friendly media is further highlighted by Comrade Sagarika and Comrade Manish:

Confessions of an Indian right-winger

We submit the following five-point proposal :

1. Electronic Communication License Approval & Regulation Authority (ECLARA)

Setup this organization to be headed by Comrade Markandey Katju. The ECLARA shall issue Social Media Licenses (SML) of various categories, including Tweeting Permits (TP).

2.  Criteria for granting/revoking Social Media License

A Social Media License (SML) cannot be a fundamental right but a privilege granted to persons or entities with appropriate credentials and qualifications. At any given time, the ECLARA may review any individual’s or entity’s compliance with the criteria for holding a license. The License can be revoked with immediate effect by the ECLARA. In particular, counter-Revolutionary content of any kind shall be covered by this rule.

3. Limitation on quantum of content that can be posted on the Internet

The amount of content that an SML holder can post shall be limited to a quantity to be determined by the ECLARA, with possible exemptions from this limitation to be granted for special cases. “Revolutionary Points” shall be granted to users posting content favorable to the Revolution. E.g. in the case of a Tweeting Permit, a TP holder having posted a certain amount of pro-Revolutionary tweets may have his daily quota raised from 5 tweets per day to 15 per day, for example.

4. Exemptions for minorities and special groups

It will be possible to provide total exemptions from the above limitations on posting content to special categories of users such as #eNREGA or #TwitterNREGA activists through an “Advanced Revolutionary Communication Permit“. Members of pro-Revolutionary minority religions, Communist Party members, and oppressed classes may also be provided total exemptions or partial ones such as a higher daily quota for posting content.

5. Quality Regulation

In order to ensure quality, Social Media License holders shall be required to prove their proficiency in spelling and grammar apart from familiarity with Revolutionary concepts prior to receiving a license. Poor spelling or grammar may result in a revocation of Tweeting License especially if a person or entity also falls below the minimum benchmark for posting content favorable to the Revolution. This benchmark shall be determined by ECLARA.

We demand that our proposal be studied and implemented urgently in order to neutralize the threat emanating from the Fascist Social Media.

In the name of the Collective and in Solidarity,

Maodas L. Macaulayputra, AVSSM


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